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Office Management 101 has integrations with the Twitch chat, which enables viewers of the Stream to participate in the gameplay.


To configure the game to listen to your Twitch stream chat open the main menu, select Settings, then Advanced, scroll to Twitch settings and fill in the fields with your account information.

By default your channel name should be set as # followed by your username in lower characters (#tulevikeu for user tulevikEU for example).

The default Twitch server address is and the server port 6667.

To generate your OAuth password, visit

NB! Make sure you do this off the stream or viewers may gain access to your account!

Integration options

  • Auto-connect to Twitch chat when playing - When a new game is started or a savegame loaded, the game client will automatically connect to Twitch chat and start listening commands. When turned off, the streamer has to use the Twitch menu to initiate a connection
  • Add CV's when users join the chat - A new CV will be generated with the name of the character set as the username of the person joining the Twitch chat of the stream. Job, looks and other parameters of the character are randomized based on a seed generated from the username. The streamer can then choose to hire the character
  • Remove CV's when users leave the chat - Removes the CV from the list as soon as the viewer leaves the Twitch chat. Already hired characters will not be removed

Chat commands

  • !HELP - Lists enabled commands with their descriptions
  • !CV [M|F] [DESIGNER|HANDYWORKER|ENGINEER|JANITOR|TESTER|MANAGER] - Add a CV to the list of characters the streamer can hire. The name of the character will be your Twitch username
  • !CV - Add a CV to the list with a random job based on a seed generated from your username
    • !CV M - Add a CV to the list with a random job and a masculine bodybuild
    • !CV F - Add a CV to the list with a random job and a feminine bodybuild
    • !CV MANAGER - Add a CV to the list as a Manager
    • !CV ENGINEER - Add a CV to the list as a Engineer
    • !CV DESIGNER - Add a CV to the list as a Designer
    • !CV TESTER - Add a CV to the list as a Tester
    • !CV HANDYWORKER - Add a CV to the list as a Handyworker
    • !CV JANITOR - Add a CV to the list as a Janitor
  • !CV REMOVE - Remove your CV from the list
  • !ME - Show the job, stats and perks of your character in chat
  • !BIO - Show the procedurally generated biography of your character in chat
  • !COMPANY - Add a company named after your Twitch username. Companies can be only be added when the viewer's avatar has not been hired. Companies can't be removed and it won't be possible to add your CV after creating a company
  • !SAY [TEXT] - Set the status message of your character or company
  • !MAIL [MESSAGE] - Send an ingame email to the streamer