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The player avatar in the game. Can look for low level employees, Level 1 contract work and will also do some cleaning. When creating the CEO the player can choose two Perks to start off with, some of which can add additional skills.

The CEO does not have a wage to be paid.


Can look for employees and contract work up to their own level. Contract work starting from Level 2 needs a Manager to be assigned as Project Manager for the duration of the contract.
With the Self-managing perk they will assess the viability of the contract work and assign the team accordingly on their own.
A Manager with a Hall Monitor perk will patrol the office for slackers and yell on any offenders they find.


Performs engineering tasks up to their level.


Performs design tasks up to their level.


Performs testing tasks up to their level.


Cleans trash from the floor and empties the trash cans.


Fixes broken furniture.